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High Mountain

Climbing Guide Lady FF


Reference 3994
Line Mountain & Outdoor Line :: High Mountain
Upper Water-repellent Kevlar®, strech Superfabric® and Microtech / Rubber
Lining GORE-TEX® Insulated Comfort / Primaloft
Last FF Tech
Insole Bestflex FC + Aerogel, Rigid
Outsole Vibram® MontLite + EVA + TPU
Weight 1.290 grs / par (UK 5)
Sizes 31/2 / 8 UK
Other characteristics
With its incredible 1,290 grs. per pair (UK 5), the FF Climbing Guide Lady from our new Fast Forward line is probably one of the lightest 4-season alpine boots in the market, fully in line with the Fast & Light tendency in today’s mountaineering. Its minimalist design and the Close Fit System technology also provide outstanding comfort and precision, whereas the TMS System contributes to an optimal balance between support and freedom of movement at the leg.

Despite its lightweight and minimalist design, it’s a model that offers excellent performances in rigidity, sturdiness and protection for undertaking demanding mountain activities during all four seasons of the year, such as fast and technical alpine ascents, winter big walls and ice climbing.